Instagram’s best architecture accounts

Instagram is usually used to follow your friends and some influencers but it can also be used to find inspiration for your house. Here at Daily Architect we put together a top 10 favourite instagram accounts.


This account is focused on Italian architectural project. Between small urban houses and lost cabins in the wood they are full of inspiration!


This account is for the extravagant among us. If you feel like you are going to build an American styled villa this account is for you. It is very modern and innovative.


This is the account of an Italian architectural firm. They publish renders and private projects. Although, they do not publish much, their projects are high quality and give you great inspiration!


With a more international aspect, this account is all about worldwide archtecture. Whether it is small or big, it will make you discover new architectural wonders.


Or as they call it the Instagram of houses! This instagram account is my personal favourite. It has quite a modern take on architecture but from a minimalism point of view.


If you want to focus more on your interior this is the account to follow. It showcases cozy interiors and innovative ideas. It can also give you a sense of what it looks like to live in a remote location.


Are you into white interiors? If yes this is the account for you. With minimalistic and Mediterranean aspects, it gives you just the right inspiration if you are thinking of building your house in the south of Italy.

You still don’t know where to build you house in Italy? Check out our selection of remote locations!


This is for the true minimalists out there. This account showcases very basic houses in the most beautiful settings. Those are truly remote locations.


This page is for the artistic minimalists. Although it still follows a quite modern style of architecture it also looks at it into a rather artistic point of view. In the end, houses can really be a work of art!

“Travelling the world to find the most beautiful properties”

That is the mission of this account. Although they are based in Spain, they travel the world to find the most extraordinary places. Truly an account that makes you dream!

And that is it! Our top 10! Are you feeling inspired now? Now it’s time to get prepared then! If you haven’t already, check out our last article about 5 things to consider before building your dream house in Italy.

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